On July 28th I will be showing a selection of works made during my first year in Los Angeles. These work examine the cultural and aesthetic qualities of the city through the perspective of an outsider. The many small grocery stores found in Los Angeles served as a catalyst for this body of work, providing both found imagery and design elements for the paintings. The different commodities found in these stores and their cultural connections are an example of how we identify certain goods with different groups of people and parts of the world. Click here to view the works.

Back to Rhode Island

I've just returned to Rhode Island from traveling through Southeast Asia, Alaska, Vancouver, and California. I've posted some photos and small works I made on the road to my "Sketchbook" page. I have some new paintings in the works for 2016, as well a show in Newport this fall. Check back soon for more information!

Sakonnet Collective

I am happy to announce the opening of The Sakonnet Collectives new Location in Tiverton RI's Four Corners! The space Contains a gallery/shop down stairs and three artist studios up stairs. I will be renting a studio for the summer/fall season. Check out there web site for more info!

The Sakonnet Collective

The Sakonnet Collective

Photo From our Grand Opening on June 14th